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Mrs. Cunningham’s Corner

May 12, 2012

This has been an exciting school year, more than usual. I created a classroom blog and both the children and myself have had a major learning experience.
My intent is to update my TeacherThinkTank based on my experiences from this school year. Until I can get this going,  you can get a glimpse of what has been happening by viewing our class blog: Mrs. Cunningham’s Corner

Friendship Task Menu

January 30, 2012

During the month of February, I display a collection of books about friends. Students have a choice of the book they want to read for Reading Workshop.
They then have a choice of tasks that are designed based on the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. Students can choose to complete their task on computers, using Kidspiration, Power Point, or Publisher. They can also choose to use the iPad 2. Another choices is paper and pencil. They are to focus on completing one task. They may move to another task after I have approved the first completed task. Some of these tasks may take a week to complete. Task Cards and Worksheets are on the links below.
Remember Task Card
Understanding Task Card
Apply Task Card
Analyze Task Card
Evaluate Task Card
Create Task Card Plus another Evaluating Task Card

Snowflake Making Words

January 5, 2012

 Students will enjoy making words with consonant blends using this Snowflake Making Words Power Point.

Tacky the Penguin

December 24, 2011

 Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester
January is a great month to continue our character study of Tacky, the adorable penguin who walks to the beat of a different drummer. On the last day before our winter holiday, I read Tacky’s Christmas. The students then created their own image of Tacky using black bulletin board paper. They created decorated shirts and bow ties. We posted the penguins under the caption, “What’s Happening in 2012?”. Upon our return in January, we will read all of the books about Tacky. Students will then choose from task cards based on questioning verbs from the updated version of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Worksheets for Task Cards 1,2,3, and 5 are included.
Task Card 1  Task Card 2   Task Card 3  Task Card 5   Task Cards 4 and 6 include technology activities using Kidspiration and two online activities from Read Write Think.

You Are My Miracle

November 20, 2011

 You Are My Miracle by Maryann Cusimano
This heart warming story is a good mentor text for the writing trait of organization. The young reader and writer will enjoy the rhyme and the see saw pattern for writing.
Reading and writing lesson plans are included.

10 Gobbling Turkeys

October 30, 2011

 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston
Students will enjoy this silly and fun way to count backwards and learn to subtract.
Read this book and then use the 10 Gobbling Turkeys activity to reinforce learning how to subtract.
The Power Point can be converted to a Smartboard activity.

Author’s Message and Author’s Purpose

October 23, 2011

  Students need to know that they are the audience for an author. They are the “reader”, and the author has a message for the reader.
The message is the “big idea” or what the author is trying to tell the reader.
The author has also has a purpose for his/her writing. The purpose can be to entertain, inform, or persuade.
The visuals in this Power Point may help the student to determine the difference between the author’s message and the author’s purpose.


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