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Lego Lesson Plans

August 17, 2016

What better way to start the year than using Legos?
1. Students can build a people Lego that represents them.
2. Then they can draw themselves as a Lego person.
3. 2016-08-17 Lesson Plan

4. Art Project for Kids  This site provides a template

5. Students can work in teams to make a Legos Emotion Chartlegofeelings
They can discuss and explain possible factors that cause these particular feelings and emotions.
This can be easily done with technology apps such as  seesaw and educreations.
There is a Lego Movie Maker App where students can set up scenarios with their Lego people and tell the story.

6. Students can work in groups to build an object of their choice.
The teacher will guide a discussion as to the meaning of team work.
Have the students decide what roles each person should take in order to be successful.
Students will learn how to: set goals, pace their work, and be responsible and engaged in their work.
This involves working as a team to agree on the object to be built.
For math, they can graph the Legos they used by color.
For writing, they can choose to write a description of their object, explain the sequential process of building the object, or write a story or a poem about their object.

There are many ways to use Legos in class.
This is just for starters.


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