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Task Menus

brain*2014 Update: These Task Menus were created before the present day technology was available.  Many of the tasks can easily be adapted to the technology that is available to your classroom and school.
Applications such as Educreations, tools 4 Students, Skitch, Sticky, Show Me, and Pictograph.
These are just a few of many applications that can be utitlized to enhance student engagement and learning.
This is  a list of Web Tools I recommend: Tagxedo, Glogster, Edmodo,, Prezi, Twitter, Wallwisher, Flickr, Animoto, Wordle, Popplet, Storybird, ReadWriteThink, Word Magnets, Thinglink

Previous Post: Task Menus are just one resource that can be used to address the different levels and learning styles in the classroom. Each task is based on the elements of multiple intelligences: verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, interpersonal, choice, body kinesthetic, musical/rhythmic, naturalist, and intrapersonal.
Students may choose the task they wish to do. They cannot move on to another task until there has been a conference about their completed task.
Students also evaluate their work on a scale of 1 (minimum work), 2(satisfactory work), 3 (Outstanding Work), 4 (Quality Work)
Click on Task Menu rubric. This page can be copied on the back of the Task Menu. Students have an understanding of the meaning of each of the categories on the rubric.

scarecrow 1Click on Autumn Task Menu for nine differentiated activities.

christmastree Oh what fun, the children will have!  Click on December for a task menu of multiple intelligences.

  Happy New Year! Happy Children! Click on January for a fun task menu that will keep your children engaged.

 Curl up with some good winter books and task menu.

 Students will enjoy reading western fractured fairy tales and reading about cowboys.
Click on Cowboy for a differentitated task menu filled with fun.

February, friendships, Valentine’s Day!  This February task menu has eight tasks based on the multiple intelligences: verbal-linguistic, mathematical/logical, musical, visual-spatial, body-kinesthetics, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist. A self-evaluation rubric is provided for the student. Task cards are also provided, along with a word bank for Task 1.
 Celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss and participate in Read Across America activities.
Writing templates, web sites, ideas, and a task menu are provided.

 Frolic into spring!

 Use this blank multiple intelligence task menu to plan a literacy task menu or any other type of lesson plan.

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