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Quizlet on Character Traits

August 17, 2016

A friend of mine is using the character trait theme of Be…
Each week she will introduce different character traits.
Follow up activities include: writing in journals (paper and or digital), drawing, make digital journals demonstrating these characters in action, taking selfies, etc.
I made this quizlet to provide the vocabulary for discussion.

Follow up activities:
SeeSaw app: Students can work in pairs or groups to take pictures of students acting out each of these traits. Or they can draw pictures. Then they will write about how this picture or drawing represents the meaning of the trait; or explain the scenario of where and when a student is displaying this trait.
For example, a photo can be taken of a student in the cafeteria line, showing respect to the workers in the cafeteria.

Camera phone and selfie stick: Students can take pictures of themself with some buddies as they demonstrate one of these traits. They can insert these photos into See Saw or Educreations.

Students can keep an online journal using the Moleskin app.
In this journal, they can record times and photos that their group demonstrated one of these traits.

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