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Check List

August 17, 2016

It is the week before school starts.
You are being pulled in different directions.
More planning
More meetings

Just breathe.
It will all fall in place.
The Teacher Fairy will come in at night and get it all done…
Well, maybe not.

Just remember to keep your room simple, organized, and non-cluttered.
It will be more inviting to the students and conducive to learning if the room is ready for the students to set up with the displaying of their work. Blank walls with pretty border is all you really need.

Here is a suggested check list of the basics for a productive learning environment:
1. Math manipulatives for the unit at hand are organized and ready for students to use.
2. Science books and manipulatives  for the unit at hand are on display and readily accessible to students.
3. Classroom library is organized, comfortable, and accessible to students.
4. Technology equipment is working, and accessible to students.
5. Writing Station is designated with rules posted and paper, technology, and writing instruments organized and accessible.
6. Students have at least one wall to display their work. Hopefully there is more wall space for display.
7. Anchor Charts  are ready to be made and there is a place that is accessible for students to review after initial instruction.
8. Students have a place to store their own supplies.
9. A place to post classroom rules after the rules are decided on and discussed by the class.
10. Teacher area is minimal. You just need a place/small table to pull for small groups.
No desk is really needed if you keep your things organized in rolling carts with shelves.

Here’s to a Great 2016-2017 School Year! happy-school-children-clipart-1

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