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About the Teacher

photoJune 6, 2014

After 42 years of teaching, I finally made the decision to retire.
It was a difficult decision, but the right decision.
I plan to continue working with children by volunteering at my school and helping my former teaching partners.
My professional journey has been filled with many blessings.
Thank you to all of my students for the inspiration, support, and smiles.
I will continue to revise and add to this blog as I find new ways to provide support and share ideas with other teachers.



My thirty-eight years of teaching have taught me one thing…all students can experience learning and have fun! I also believe that all students can and will learn. If  teachers are able to make the connection between the message and the student’s learning style, students respond with excitement and success. My passion is to create and share with my peers, lesson plans that make this critical reading and writing connection and help prepare our students for a life-long enjoyment of learning and personal success.
It is my hope that Teacher Think Tank can start the professional dialogue about best practices and strategies. One of my goals is to provide lesson plans  that can be adapted to suit the needs of the students in your classrooms. My attempt was to gather as much information and create resources to place in one area in order to  lessen the work load that all teachers  carry.  I look forward to hearing from teachers who can add more ideas to the lesson plans. I thank all my fellow teachers who have shared ideas with me.
I would especially like to thank my sons, Frank, Ed, and Sean, and my husband Bob, for encouraging me to start this project.  There are two more people who made this possible. My sister Emma, and my friend Janet. They are the two inspiring women that made this happen.

About the Teacher
University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education
Major in Early Childhood and a minor in Reading
Lifetime Certifications:
Provisional Bilingual/ESL
Provisional Kindergarten
Provisional Elementary-General
Thirty-eight years experience in all grade levels from Pre-K through 5th Grade

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