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The Reflection Theme includes a Back to School unit and an All About Me unit. As they go through the experiences of going back to school, the children will be exposed to book titles that help them learn about themselves. The All About Me unit has book titles that go in depth for further self-reflection.

Back to School

All About Me

  • I Like Me! A high spirited pig shares her self-esteem.
  • Dumpy La Rue This persistent pig knows exactly what he wants to do. Children will follow Dumpy’s lead as they dance to the tunes in their own heads!
  • All About Me Poetry Rhyme, patterns, imagery galore!
  • Where The Wild Things Are “Let the wild rumpus start!” Before the movie hits the theaters in October, every child should read the story of Max and the Wild Things.
  • Leonard the Terrible Monster  Follow the sequence of events as Leonardo makes a choice! Children can reflect on how to make a good choice of friends.
  • I Need My Monster  What do you do when the monster under your bed goes fishing?
  • Monster Stations  Want to have a monsterous week of activities?
  • Waking Up is Hard to Do Are you a morning person? You will be after you read and sing along with Neil Sedaka!
  • Pete’s A Pizza  by William Steig     What do you do when you are in a bad mood?

International Literacy Day, September 8

Grandparent’s Day

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter  proclaimed that National Grandparent’s Day would be celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day.  During the first nine weeks , students reflect about themselves, their family, and their friends. Reading and discussing stories about our grandparents can be an enriching experience for all of us.
This would be a great time to invite grandparents to read to the class.

  • Click on BigMama’s for lesson plans.
  • Click on Song and Dance Man for lesson plans.
  • Click on Great for lesson plans on two books by Gaby Goldsack. ( Graphic organizers included)


  • city dog, country frog by Mo Willems
    The illustrations by Jon J Muth help the reader to create sensory images of the seasons . Mo Willems tells a reflective story about the friendship between a dog and a frog.


As the seasons change, students reflect on their own development and changes.

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