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All About Me

August 17, 2016

The beginning of each school year is so much fun and so exciting.
Students are learning new things about themselves.
It is also a time for students and teachers to get to know each other.
There are some great word cloud apps that students can use to share a bit about themselves.
Before students do the word app, they need to have had discussion and be exposed to literature and word bank examples of character and personality traits. The book, The Color of Us by Karen Katz is a great book to use for teaching diversity and all about our uniqueness.
Here are two activities that can jump start this getting to know you activity.
1. An activity to get students moving might be to post different character traits word cards all over the room. Blow a whistle and have students run, jump, skip, or whatever movement you call, to one word that describes them best. Do this about 4 or 5 times so students can see that they have more than one character or personality trait.
2. Name alliteration activity: Students have to choose a trait that describes them. This trait has to start with the same letter of their first name: Patient Pam, Dedicated Dave, etc.
Make a word bank or have students offer different traits to be displayed on a class chart.

Word Cloud apps
Wordle is a word cloud app that is excellent for a colorful display of character and personality trait words.
Tagxedo was one of my favorite apps. The app provides different shapes for the word clouds.
For this activity, I would take a picture of each student. This picture became the word cloud of words that described them.
I have included a Word Bank that can be used as starters or for ESL students. The class can discuss these words, and add words to them. Word Bank word cloud

Word Cloud

Save this product, and then repeat the activity at mid-year.
Discuss changes and growth.
Make a new All About Me  word cloud.

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