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Incredible Kid Week

February 23, 2015

incredible kid
Incredible Kid Day is a national day set aside to honor our incredible children. This year, Incredible Kid Day is March 19.
Years ago, I ran across this special day for kids, and I decided to celebrate in my classroom. I declared the week after spring break to be Incredible Kid Week.
I had parents write letters describing their incredible child. They could either use a letter form I provided, or they could email me or create their own letters. The results were amazing! I had parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, aunts and uncles, and cousins writing submitting elaborate letters about their Incredible Kid. The children beamed with pride as we read the letters aloud in class.
The students were also allowed to wear super capes in school. The capes ranged from kids wearing their baby blanket,to the costume super capes, to capes specially made to represent the child. I even converted a costume red cape to a super teacher cape. I used sticky foam letters to write: Mrs. Cunningham’s Class of Incredible Kids.
My students and I swooshed around the campus with confidence and pride!
During the week, we read books that promoted leadership, self-esteem, and life goals. Students wrote narrative poems and compositions.
This was a very popular week for students and parents. It was one of my favorite weeks!
I created this Thinglink with activities that include: videos of books by Wayne Dyer; a Power Point of lesson ideas for the vertically aligned TEK of summary;interactive poetry templates; how to draw a super kid tutorial, brain break dance, and much more.
Hope you enjoy this incredible week!

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