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Cowboys and Rodeo

January 22, 2015


San Antonio is getting ready for the Livestock and Rodeo Show. It all begins with a Cowboy breakfast on Januar 30th, and the rodeo from February 12-March 1.
The rodeo provides so many opportunities for teaching reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.
The Thinglink I created includes: history of the cowboy, tutorials for how to draw, book lists for cowboy picture books, cowboy and rodeo vocabulary lists and Quizlets, interactive sites for writing Cowboy poetry, history of the San Antonio Rodeo, history of the San Antonio Cowboy breakfast, and dancing videos for The Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey.
We use to have a two week integrated Cowboy and Rodeo unit of study. Students were allowed to bring their cowboy hats and kerchiefs and wear them in class. Random Act of Kindness Day falls within the time of our city rodeo, so students would be partnered to create a want ad. They used Publisher to create a want ad for their friend…Wanted for Random Acts of Kindness. Students would write two sentences describing how this classmate demonstrated kindness.
I use to provide the lyrics for cowboy songs such as I Have Spurs that Jingle, Jangle, Jingle, and other old cowboy songs. The students sang along with this CD each morning. A very special parent made a “fire” for the students to sit around the campfire and read.
Reading for small group, whole group, and independent reading included fiction and non-fiction books about the rodeo and cowboys. I created rodeo and cowboy math word problems and graphing. Students wrote cowboy poetry using cowboy vocabulary. Students studied the culture of the cowboys in our state, and the importance of the cowboy in the of the United States. Students also read the biography of Will Pickett.
One of the books we read was Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett. Students read non-fiction books about armadillos and learned about the Texas landscape and climate, and the habitat of the armadillo.
We ended our study by having our own cowboy breakfast around the campfire.
Parents donated to buy breakfast tacos. It was two weeks of learning fun and student engagement.
This Thinglink provides some resources that can help with this unit.

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