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Figurative Language Thinglink

January 9, 2015

State TEKS require students to read, understand and interpret figurative language; and also use figurative language in writing. The Thinglink I created includes examples, explanations, definitions, and songs about figurative language. Most of the resources are more suitable for students in third grade through fifth grade.
Recently, I was assisting some younger students with a reading comprehension activity that included interpreting and understanding figurative language. One of the difficulties that they experienced was reading the question which included the terms: simile and metaphor. They read the word simile as smile, and therefore
could not understand the question. They also could not read the word metaphor. So, it is important to remember that for some of the students, the instruction on the word recognition of the literary terms is just as important as the instruction on the meaning, interpretation, and use of literary language.

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