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Literary Language and Devices in Biographies and Autobiographies

December 5, 2014

5.7 (A) identify the literary language and devices used in biographies and autobiographies, including how authors present major events in a person’s life
5.3 (C) explain the effect of a historical event or movement on the theme of a work of literature

5.16 (B) write poems using:
(i) poetic techniques (e.g., alliteration, onomatopoeia); (ii) figurative language (e.g., similes, metaphors); and (iii) graphic elements (e.g., capital letters, line length)

Use this Thinglink as a resource to teach the above TEKS. The resources include: a Quizlet flashcard vocabulary of terms such as topic, point of view, biography, autobiography, etc; videos explaining how to use text features to read biographies; samples of student autobiographical poems; a template for writing biographical poems; and a site that provides short biographies. There is also an Educreations with the template and an example of a Walking Biography Poem.


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