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Personal Narrative: A Special Moment

September 24, 2014

hundredpenny The Hundred Penny Box by Sharon Bell Mathis is an excellent book to use when teaching students about memories and special moments. Aunt Dew has a box filled with pennies that represent the special moments of her life.
Sometimes, students have difficulty taking a big topic down to a small topic. They tend to ramble about the many facets of the big topic instead of focusing on developing a narrative about one small topic.

Lesson plans are provided for writing a personal narrative about a special moment.
A Funneling Power Point, explaining how to funnel a big topic to a small topic is also provided.
I have also included  a graphic organizer and an example of a personal narrative on a special moment.
Special Moment writing prompt, rubric, and lined paper are also provided.

These activities may be updated by using technology such as:
Educreations ( Take a photo of the student’s finished narrative and a photo of their memento. Have the student record themselves reading their narrative.
QR Code Generator The student writings and photos can be posted on the bulletin board with a QR code for people to hear the students reading their own writing. Students are very proud of this interactive bulletin board.
Tools4Students (graphic organizers)

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