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Project Based Activities for Reading and Writing: Love That Dog

September 2, 2014

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech
love that dog
Students can be grouped to choose from a list of differentiated reading and writing activities based on the ideas from Love That Dog.

Students can practice reading non-fiction articles from Time for Kids.
If you have access to Brainpop jr., you can view the video about taking care of pets. The site offers various online activities on the topic of taking care of pets.
Brainpop jr. also has a video and activities on the topic of poetry.
Students can also use World Book Online to research topics related to the book, such as dogs, pets, tigers, poetry, or the poets read about in the book.
Read Write Think offers activities for writing  online acrostic poems and  online shape poems.

Tools 4 Students is an app that offers organizer templates.

Events Organizer                   Chapter                                What I Learned Today (research organizer)

Events Chapter NotesWhat I Learned Today

Problem Solution Organizer                Character, Setting, Plot

Problem Solution Organizer         Character, Setting, Plot

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