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Winter Task Menu

January 6, 2010

   Get your snuggy and hot cocoa and have some fun reading about bears and snowflakes and other winter topics.
Click on Task Menu for nine differentiated activities which include a free choice task.
Click on word bank to use with Task 1. This is done on an acrostic word bank and template on .
Click on Task 2  for three winter poems.
Task 3 involves having paper for students to create a comic strip about a bear and a rabbit.
Click on cafeteria graph for one example of a survey and graphing activity for Task 4.
Click on cafeteria survey for Task 4.
Click on sport graph for Task 4.
Click on sport survey for Task 4.
Click on TASK 5 for six free choice activities.
Task 6 is an activity where students can choose easy readers about winter and then draw and write.
Task 7 is a kidspiration story element activity. Click on planning sheet for a template to use before working on the kidspiration program.
Task 8 includes a template for writing facts learned while reading a non-fiction book on winter.
Task nine is an activity completed on Click on concrete poem for a January word bank.
Click on “I Can” for task cards.

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