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January Lesson Plans

December 13, 2009


  • Click on TASK MENU for nine differentiated activities to use during center time.
  • Click on TASK CARDS for student directions.
  • Click on TASK 1 for a reading and writing activity about the New Year. You will need to have a selection of books about New Year.
  • Task 2 will have children reading either a poem or a readers theater to read to the class.
    Click on HappyNewYear for a readers theater.
    Click on January for a readers theater.
    Click on January1 for a poem.
    Click on January Sparkles for a poem.
    Click on Little January for a poem.
  • Task 3 will have students reading books about good character such as respect, fairness, integrity, etc. You will need to have a collection of books from which students can choose. There is a writing and setting goals activity that corresponds with this reading.
    Click on TASK 3.
  • In our school, we have AlphaSmarts and Neos available to our students. This activity could be adated to whatever technology is available in your school.  TASK 4 directs students to write sentences using words from the Word Wall, Word Families, or January word list.
  • TASK 5 is a word activity. Students define the meaning of the word, challenge. 
    Click on TASK 5 for a graphic organizer to define, explain, draw, and use the word, challenge in a sentence.
  • Click on TASK 6 for acrostic templates.
  • Students will read a fiction book about winter. Click on TASK 7  for a story graphic.
  • Students will read a non-fiction book about winter. Click on Task 8 for a FACT template.
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