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December Task Menu

November 15, 2009

red stocking 
Students can choose from a multiple intelligences task menu that includes: writing a sensory poem or number poem, using a Venn-diagram to compare two books, creating a comic strip, a discussion and drawing conclusions graphic, free choice activities, constructing a model, writing a quatrain, adapting materials, and using imagination.
All activities can be adapted to use with any elementary grade level. My first graders have already had experience with these types of activities, so they are able to do this independently during station time.

Click on December   for a Task Menu.
Click onTask 1 for a sensory poem template.
Click on Task 1 for a number poem template.
Click on Task 2 for a Venn-diagram activity.
Click on Task 3 for a comic strip activity.
Click on Task 4 for a discussion and drawing conclusions graphic.
Click on Free Choice  for 5 activities which include math problem solving.
Click on Task 5  for a writing template. Students are to create a Santa out of shapes, and then write a story.
Click on shapes for web site that includes the Santa pattern.
Click on Task 6 for a bank of rhyming seasonal words and a pattern template for a quatrain.
Task 7 is a craft activity where students can paint a rock and use craft materials to create a seasonal paper weight.
This activity could also be adapted to creating a rock “Christmas Humbug”, after reading The Christmas Humbugs by Colleen Monroe.
Click on task 8 writingfor a writing activity based on the book by Jerry Pallotta, Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight?
Click on TASK Menu Cards for directions to post with each station.

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