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Task Menu for Autumn

October 13, 2009

scarecrow 1After the formal and informal assessments that take place in August and September, the ability levels and the learning styles of the students are now identified. Students have begun to work in groups and stations, and they have been introduced to some basic technology skills.
At this time, I introduce a Task Menu to provide the necessary differentiation. Attached below are the activities, the Task Menu, and the Task Card ( I Can) to place at each station. Students can choose one or more of the activities to complete during station or independent time.
Click on menu for a Task Menu of 9 differentiated activities.
Click on Task card 1 for directions to write an acrostic poem. I provide seasonal paper for students who want to write. I also provide the web site for students who want to use the computer.
Click on Task card 2 for directions on a sequence of events activity based on The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.
Click on templatesfor sequence of events activity.
Click on Task card 3 for directions on creating a comic strip with the characters of a scarecrow and a squirrel.
Click on comic strip 1 for one template to use with Task 3.
Click on comic strip 2 for another template to use with Task 3.
Click on Task card 4 for directions on taking a survey and making a graph.
Click on TASK 4 for student work sheet for the survey and graph.
Click on TASK 5 for Free Choice list.
Click on Task card 6 for directions on making a scarecrow.
Click on Task 7  for directions to create sounds and body actions for a poem about scarecrows. The student sheet can double for the Task Card.
Click on TASK card 8 for directions to use a Venn-diagram on Kidspiration.
Click on TASK card 9for directions to write a story about a scarecrow. Students are to use their 5 senses to help them write. I provide seasonal paper for students who want to write, and a computer for students who want to use technology.

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