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October Autumn/Halloween

October 10, 2009

abchalloween    The ABC’s of Halloween by Patricia Reeder Eubank
Children love the alliteration such as “jeering jack-o-lanterns” and “lurking lizards”. Create a Power Point class ABC’s of Halloween.

applespumpkins   Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell
Ride along with a family as they go to visit the Comstock Farm.

batloves   Bat Loves The Night by Nicola Davies
Learn about the pipistrelle bat through rhyme and facts.

frankenstein   Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex
 A collection of monster stories that will thrill the children.

halloween  Halloween by Jerry Seinfeld
Do you remember your first costume and your yearly trek for treats?


hauntedhouse  In the Haunted House by Eve Bunting
Rhyming description of a fun haunted house.

It'spumpkin   It’s Pumpkin Time by Zoe Hall
Simple explanation of the life cycle of a pumpkin.  Children can relate to a sister and her brother as they prepare for their favorite holiday.

littlestpumpkin  The Littlest Pumpkinby R. A. Herman
Everyone has dreams, especially The Littlest Pumpkin who was one of the remaining pumpkins at Bartlett’s Farm Stand.

 spookly  The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Joe Troian
A square little pumpkin is teased by other pumpkins for being different. Then Spookley demonstrates courage and saves the pumpkin patch from a natural disaster.

littleoldladyThe Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams
Children love to act out and retell the story. This is great for a reader’s theater activity.

lonelyscarecrowThe Lonely Scarecrow by Tim Preston
No one is lonelier than a scary faced scarecrow that has a “kindly heart”.  The seasons bring a magical transformation.

pumpkinheads  Pumpkin Heads by Wendell Minor
Facial expressions on the pumpkin heads are excellent for discussing character and emotions.
The simple sentences in large print are great for developing readers.

scarecrowrylant Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant
Experience the world through the eyes of a scarecrow.

 scarecrowsdance  The Scarecrow’s Dance by Jane Yolen
A scarecrow leaves his pole and experiences freedom. A young boy’s prayer helps scarecrow to discover where he really belongs.

 scarecrowpete  Scarecrow Pete by Mark Moulton
        A rhyming, lovable scarecrow has a special message about reading.

 porkenstein  Porkenstein by Kathryn Lasky
Do you remember the story of the Three Little Pigs? Well, there really was only one pig who survived that episode with the wolf, and he is Dr. Smart Pig, a famous inventor without any friends. He was so lonely, he decides to invent a friend!

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