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Monster Stations

October 3, 2009

A simple conversation with a parent of one of my students, led to the creation of a monsterous week of activities. Parents contributed googly eyes and other craft items for students to create  paper bag monster puppets and  3-D monsters out of cereal and kleenex boxes.
With help from our Instructional Technology Specialist, the students completed a sequencing activity on Where the Wild Things Are by creating a movie using the Notebook program.
I developed writing, math, reading, and technology activities to place into stations. The children were busy at work and having fun learning. In one of the writing stations, the students wrote letters to Amanda Noll, author of I Need My Monster.  The reflective discussion that followed the reading of her book was amazing.  We are only into our sixth week of school, and the interest and quality of writing has improved tremendously. The “good monster” theme inspired the students to use their imaginations and let their creativity shine through. 
Monster Stations
Click on graphic for a BME story graphic for Leonardo, the Terrible Monster.
Click on computer 1 for a sentence frames task card.
Click on computer 2 for sentence frames to describe a paper sack monster puppet.
Click on author  for a task card and word bank for writing a letter to the Amanda Noll
Click on Dear Amanda Noll for the stationary to write a letter to Amanda Noll.
Click on Leonardo for a writing task card with directions for writing about Leonardo and Sam being friends.
Click on math  for a Math Task card that includes five math concepts.
Click on clock for math activities that correlate with the book Monster Math.
Click on Marky Monster for addition math problem solving.
Click on monster linefor a math sequential problem solving activity.
Click on bankfor a Monster Word Bank.
Click on poetry for a Monster acrostic template.
Click on writing for a Monster Writing task card.
Click on sentence story frame 1for students who need frames to assist them in writing.
Click on sentence story frame 2 for students who need frames to assist them in writing.
Click on story starter for I Need My Monster composition template. The children loved this one!
Click on story sequence for Where the Wild Things Are task menu.
Click on Max  for story sequence graphic.
Click on student for student station rubric.
Click on teacher  for an evaluation rubric.

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